Florida Signature Real Estate

The Florida lifestyle is one of the best on the planet - our mission is to ensure that you can begin to enjoy it as seamlessly as possible with complete peace of mind.

Whether your anticipated move is just a plain-vanilla relocation from within the USA or Canada, or a more nuanced international move involving wider business and family interests - we have a best-in-class team at your disposal to cover your every need with a creative, highly personalized, concierge-level service.

If you are considering purchasing real estate in Florida, or if you just need help avoiding certain pitfalls such as with visa, legal or international tax and related business or financial issues (if you are not a US citizen, like many of our clients) - we help cover all the bases for you with our team of best-in-class service providers.

Feel free to contact us and engage with us on a no cost, no obligation basis - we will show you how we can help you make that Florida dream a reality for you and your family, no matter where in the world you hail from.

Maurice Connaughton, Broker/Owner of Florida Signature Real Estate is a dedicated and committed broker who consistently goes above and beyond for his customers. Maurice’s energy and unmistakable knowledge of the areas both East and West coasts make him the ideal choice for helping with your real estate needs whether it be investment or relocation. Maurice has worked hard in putting his vision in motion at establishing a best-in-class real estate brokerage.


Carlo bought his first piece of real estate in 2000 and directly oversaw its renovation in development, which led him to continue investing in similar projects each year since then.

Carlo is available to help both local and overseas clients explore the many great opportunities in Sarasota. He speaks Italian, English and Spanish and has considerable experience in counseling the firm’s international clientele looking to relocate and/or invest in South West Florida. Carlo’s typical client will either (1) invest or co-invest in a real estate opportunity; (2) pursue a bar and/or restaurant opportunity by leveraging Carlo’s successful track record (of over 35 years) in the restaurant and bar business; or (3) utilize Sarasota Signature to help effect a purchase or sale of real estate.



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